Hi I’m Rebecca, thanks for visiting my site! I graduated from Kingston University in London 2013 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. I believe life is made up of patterns and processes, and as a synesthetic person I see thoughts as patterns and colours. Feelings and emotions are more like shapes and frequencies. I find that art is the only way I can begin to attempt to express this. My dream is to go on a jungle survival trek in the Amazon rainforest and see all the wildlife, ESPECIALLY the dangerous creatures!

I work on a freelance basis with businesses and independent therapists to help with branding. I have specialised within in the beauty, health and wellbeing industry. I love listening to people and understanding what their business is about and why they do what they do, and translating this into a form of visual communication.

Selected artworks are available to buy as prints and I am also available for commissions. For commissions I require you to provide me with 2 – 3 colours (it will not be limited to these colours), some descriptive words / some emotive words and one word to sum up the essence of the piece you want me to create.

 Get in touch for more info!