Rebecca helps assist start-ups, businesses and independent therapists with design across all industries but with a particular specialty in the health and wellbeing and personal development spheres. The range of services includes but not limited to; logos, website design, book covers and general creation of visual content.

She seeks to listen to understand, to capture the essence – the ‘heart and soul’ if you like – and translate this into a form of visual communication.

Rebecca is a director for a global organisation called World Game-Changers. WGC is a community of heart-centred individuals that have come together to help humanity to love life more, by co-creating projects all around the world, catalysing purpose, prosperity and peace. Find out more here

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“I graduated from Kingston University in London 2013 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. After working in management in the leisure industry for a few years, then going travelling around the world, I came back to begin my journey working commercially in art and design…

…I feel that life is made up of patterns and processes and as a synesthetic person I see and think in patterns, shapes and colours.  I find that art is a therapeutic way that I can explore this.” – Rebecca