What I do

I offer design services to start ups, small businesses and independent therapists. I work across all industries and love listening to people and understanding what their business is about, why they do what they do and translating this into a form of visual communication.

For design projects including logo design, websites, branding and all marketing material please get in touch for a quotation.

Selected artworks are available to buy as prints.

I can be commissioned to create a digital, mixed media, or a painting on canvas. I will have a meeting with you to find out as much detail as possible. We’ll talk about colour palette, content, the mood and feel of the piece and why you are having it made. It helps to have some descriptive words/some emotive words and one word to sum up the essence of the piece.


I graduated from Kingston University in London 2013 with a degree in Illustration and Animation. After working in management in the leisure industry for a few years, then going travelling around the world, I came back to begin my journey working commercially in art and design.

My connection with art:

I believe life is made up of patterns and processes, and as a synesthetic person I see thoughts as patterns and colours. Thoughts and ideas, feelings and emotions are more like shapes, colours and patterns. I find that art is the only way I can begin to attempt to express this.

Please get in touch for more info and a quote

 T: 07471136200    E: rebeccawheele@gmail.com