Rebecca is a global co-author and is honoured to have contributed a chapter in the following book series. She also designed the book covers.

The Journey From Fear To Love…

The light of love is an omnipotent force revered in all corners of the Universe. Attuning yourself to the frequency of love in all forms puts you in touch with a limitless and benevolent power. The journey to align yourself with the divine power of love represents a rite of passage for every human being. It is arduous, for we cannot remember the true power of the light we know as love, until we experience the encompassing darkness of fear.

Which comes first, forgiveness or gratitude?

The question, “Which comes first, forgiveness or gratitude?” serves as a foundation for a great debate, as there are good arguments for expressing forgiveness first, as a way to arrive at a place of gratitude and as well for embracing gratitude first, to unlock forgiveness in its truest form.

There is one thing that is indisputable though, and that is; both forgiveness and gratitude are important elements of your growth process. They hold the keys that unlock your heart and let the divine power of love flow through you with complete freedom.

This power ultimately brings you to your higher ground. The more you embody love, the higher you go.

Getting To Know YOU

Ever stopped to think about how many times throughout our life, we ask ourselves that timeless question? As monumental as that question is, perhaps there’s an even more powerfully self-serving question: Who (On Earth) Do You Think You Are?

The two words in brackets start to take on particular significance. Isn’t it true that we as humans, particularly those that embrace the World Game-Changers philosophy – are generally aware that we are so much more than just a mind, a body, or our senses (Rupert Spira), even if we don’t fully ‘get it’ yet? This brings in the eminent Spira’s non-duality philosophy, and how conditioned, thinking leads us to a life of so much pain and suffering.

So what if…? What if we were actually like the sky – something that is infinite and ever-present – and remained constant, no matter whether it was filled with dark stormy clouds, or beautiful radiant sunshine?

Embracing Uncertainty

So let’s start with two (arguably) very challenging words – embracing uncertainty. Chances are, this will automatically conjure up all kinds of defence-driven reactions, so let’s take a deeper look…

Isn’t it true that as humans, we like certainty – we want to be in control? Of course, anything that presents in life which detracts from that control, tends to take us out of our comfort zone and lead us into all kinds of fear-inspired panic.

Surely – like everything else in life – it’s a question of having the awareness to know how something like uncertainty fits in with other key influences if life? More generally, isn’t it also true that most are looking for ‘the one thing’ – the ‘silver bullet’ that will enable us to wrap-up life’s many varied challenges up into a nice, neat, tidy package?’

Managing Change

‘The past – it is often said – cannot be changed. Maybe not, but we can certainly learn from it, and contribute towards co- creating a better future. Enter our mind-chatter straight away, as it defiantly bites back and defends: ‘Ah, but it’s not that easy!’ The reality is though, it is.

Let’s put this into some kind of context. Everything becomes easier, once you know how. It’s a question of learning and adapting; sharing experiences and lessons learnt; built on that vital, all-important starting point – awareness.

Managing change can be as simple as ABC – representing Awareness, Beliefs, and Creativity – something that is powerfully reflected in this book, as a result of compassionate co-authors from around the world sharing their own awareness and experiences.

So, let’s all embrace change – and uncertainty – as life continues to present many new opportunities…’

Speaking From Our Hearts Book Series